Best Cricket Games for Xbox One

Esports gaming has become a part of our day to day life and its addiction is one of its kind. Adding on to that sublime addiction is the various sports that rule the modern-day world, cricket to be precise. Cricket has been around for generations and its impact on the world has been mesmerising.

Every other ground, stadium or gully as a matter of fact will have people either smashing the ball out of the park or shattering the stumps. But ever since certain COVID-19, people have missed out on their beloved sport in every aspect. This brought around a revolutionary change in the field of Esports and brought several cricket simulation games that allowed everyone to connect to the sport virtually when the physical was out of the picture.

These games were launched on gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox etc. With that being said, here are some of those highly recommended cricket games for Xbox.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

The name speaks for itself as it has been established after the legendary Sir Don Bradman, the pride of Australian cricket. He was a legend of the game and this game couldn’t have done more justice to realistic cricket simulation.

Big Ant Studios launched it for Xbox back in 2016 but the game missed out on being licensed. Due to this, it lacks realness. Despite all of the backlashes, it comprises exciting batting shots like the helicopter shot, charging down lofted shot etc. It grants you an opportunity to start off as a rookie in your career and fight your way up to receiving an international call up.

Ashes 09

As the name suggests, the game represents the historic rivalry of Australia and England who go down to a battle in a string of test matches to achieve glory. This rivalry has been going on for ages and has one of the biggest fan following while the competition is underway.

Ashes 09 does real justice to that with its mind-blowing graphics and quality of cricket simulation. It is undoubtedly one of the best cricket games for Xbox. It not only allows you to play by yourself but has a multiplayer option to compete with your friends. The game lets you enjoy the commentary of your favourite Shane Warne, Tonny Gregg, Ian Bishop and Sir Ian Botham.

Pick your sides now and get out on the field to battle it out with bat & ball for your team’s pride and glory.


Ashes Cricket

Ashes cricket by far is one of the best cricket video games to have been made available on the Xbox. Big Ant Studios has come up with yet another cricket masterpiece as it is the official game for Ashes 2017-18. It is a fully licensed game with all the official stadiums of the Ashes 2017/18 tour.

It’s available in 4K Ultra HD with an option for online and offline single and multiplayer gaming. You get the chance to kick start your career from club level and make your level to the international arena. With the help of Cricket Academy, you can create your own players, teams and umpires and upload them on the online community. In addition to that, you can make your own stadiums and logos for an enhanced experience.

If you love the national rivalry between Australia and the Three Lions, this is your go-to game.


Cricket 19 is the official video game for the Ashes 2019 series. The game is made with the collaboration between Big Ant Studios and Greatest Games. Apart from Xbox, it has also been made available for PS4.

One of the most unique features of this game is the pre-created setting wherein you can start a game with a situation at hand right from the get-go. You get to compete with picking either team for the competition and what follows next is the shenanigans of the T20, ODI and Test World Cup. Last but not the least, the deep career mode option takes you to build your rookie player’s career who has a longstanding chance to make it big.


Big Bash Boom

Big Ant Studios has always been known for its remarkable hand in the enhancement of cricket video games and they came up with another magnificent game back in 2018 for Xbox. Big Bash Boom is the representation of Australia’s Big Bash League.

The game is licensed and allows you to pick any team of your liking as the game includes all the players and teams from the 2018 KFC Big Bash League (BBL) and Rebel Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL). In the tournament mode, you get to play all the matches of the 2018/19 season. The game also has certain attractive touches to it, right from the BMG licensed music to BBL’s official mascots and ducks.

One of the most exciting things about the game is the countless unlockables such as custom celebrations, headwear to a potato for a cricket ball. This game is not just cricketing action but packed with entertainment.


Cricket 22

It has been an eventful gaming journey for all the cricket fans throughout the years and Big Ant Studios has come up with yet another exciting prospect, Cricket 22. The game was most recently introduced to the market back on 1st of December and has been a great match for Xbox one amongst other gaming consoles.

Cricket 22 certainly has turned around quite a few heads with plenty on offer. The game allows you to enjoy the ever existing rivalry of Australia and England in the Ashes contest. In addition to that, you get to experience the likes of the Big Bash League, The Hundred, CPL of the Caribbean and plenty such highly engrossing competitions of the game.

It is quite often that the users complain of how slowly a game loads. However, not only does Cricket 22 start with blinding speed, it includes a bunch of visual updates including real time ray tracing elements that enhance the quality of gameplay.

As per the commitments Big Ant studios made, they’ve lived up to their words for equal representation with fully licensed men and women’s teams available for you. The game has marvellous graphic quality and exquisite cricket simulation and animation. You have features that include the bowling and fielding controls, wherein virtual gaming just got better and let you enjoy your game of cricket to its maximum capacity.

Last but most certainly not the least, the game lets you enjoy your gameplay with a star-studded lineup of commentators who call each and every shot with detailed analysis like never before. With respect to equal representation, there’s a whole set of women commentators for commentary who will make your experience brighter than ever. The game is available on Xbox one and Xbox series X/S. Enjoy your deep driven career mode as you work your way through the barriers to the international Arena.


So, these were the top games for Xbox. These games are action-packed and filled with entertainment and have a certain nag for exciting features that let you sink in realistic cricket simulation.

We hope this article helped you pick your favourite of the lot.