Best Cricket Games for Mac

Esports has created a revolutionary change, especially in the cricket-crazy nation like India where every household has a kid growing up with a common dream at some point of time in their life to become a cricketer. This has brought around a wide array of cricket games for you to play that are available with a click of a button.

T20, Test match or ODI cricket, you get your pick and experience the exhilarating experience of the sport. The real confusion comes across when you sit at your PC/Mac and are completely lost witnessing one too many cricket games with the best features and can’t pick a favourite.

Well, with this article, we will provide you with a detailed review of your beloved cricket games for Mac and help you pick your favourite among them.

Cricket 3D

Cricket 3D – the name speaks for itself. It brings to your Mac a variety of exciting cricket competitions in 3D. The game has plenty of features on offer. It allows you to play white ball and red ball cricket competitions as per your mood. The basic features of the game involve simple play controls for batting and bowling. It also includes exciting quick match and tournament modes where you can either raise your bat to thrash your opponent or be the captain of your country and become a World Cup winner.

Apart from the basics, it has you lined up with a live events mode that helps you play in sync with the real world cricket tours and obtain plenty of rewards. It has thrilling matchups with your favourite world cup teams and clever bowling strategies.

It also lets you unleash Spring Bat, Vampire Batsman, and more batting power-ups that are unlocked as the game progresses. As for bowlers, they get to deliver SuperFast Ball, FireBall and more when bowling.

One of the few unusual features the game has is that you can use either your mouse or a Wii controller to play. With full 3D graphics and realistic animations of batters and bowlers, you are in for an adventure.

Cricket Captain 2021

Cricket Captain 2021 is the latest version of the cricket game series of Cricket captain and is by far the most enhanced of them all. The 2021 Cricket Captain allows the player the opportunity to play the final of the Test Championship final alongside the new ODI World Championship. This is the adventurous ride that leads them to a qualifying place in the 2023 World Cup. It also features the 100-ball competition which is yet another shorter format of the game.


The game is on a roll thanks to its key features like the recently enhanced 20-over simulation with an improved engine with new control and stats. It has the fastest 50s and 100s with several thousand records to break with improved batting and bowling controls.

Its latest upgrades and enhanced features make it different from the other versions. The game has an updated player database of over 7000 players, updated records of several matches, players, grounds, domestic squads for approximately 150 teams, new dot ball percentage and series stats for all players.
Cricket Captain has taken a huge leap in cricket simulation to provide plenty on the plate to have an exciting time playing on your mac. The game is developed by Childish Things and has a rating of 3.1 on the apple store.

Cricket Captain 2020

Cricket Captain 2020 was a huge boon for the gamers as the live action of the sport had come to a halt amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. To all the cricket lovers, gamers and fans out there, Captain 20 became a solid companion. With its release date going way back to June 18 2020, it lived up to its expectations by including rain delay features in ODIs followed by the addition of a new 100-ball competition in England.


The updates on the domestic system have allowed captains to switch domestic teams between domestic teams in different countries. This is the first time an update like that is brought to the gamers. With a database of 7000 players, including historic players, it helps in providing attention to the detail bringing a light of interest towards the series.

With the key updates to 20-over leagues in several different countries including India, Australia, England, West Indies etc, cricket simulation just roped in several gamers. The game also provides you with historical scenarios such as the classic England test series.

The several tournament modes include playing in stand-alone One Day or T20 World Cups. It lets you create and build your own World XIs, all-time greats and custom match series, slightly advanced from Cricket Captain 2019. With the enhancement of DLS (Duckworth-Lewis-Stern system) and improved weather simulations, cricketing action just got introduced with realistic weather patterns and added more life to an exciting competition of the sport.

Yet another classic cricket game created by Childish Things has got a rating of 3.1 on the Apple store and requires Windows 7 SPI8/10 and 2GB ram to run smoothly.

Cricket Captain 2019

Being one of the most anticipated cricket games for mac and also a part of the Cricket Captain series, Cricket captain 2019 was a huge success. It was released during the hugely anticipated cricket season in 2019 and its marvellous features put each and every gamer in awe of it.


With the inaugural World Test Championship in place and the World Cup being held in England & Wales, old rivalries will be the ones to look for while new ones are being created. Progressing from the 2018 addition, new tactical features have been added to enhance the game. That includes an additional batting aggression setting for batters, target run-rate indicator and re-balanced one-day match engine for matches taking place, and left-handed wrist-spin bowler type for bowlers.

The updates in the database concerning players are broken down into bits that leads us to the player background in domestic stages. Other updates included the addition of South Africa’s domestic T20 league and several Indian domestic teams. New achievements like career runs and wicket records can be obtained while playing online. Historical scenarios, Australia versus England and participation in the newly founded Test Championship is provided in Cricket Captain 2019. The game requires Windows 7 SPI8/10 and 2GB ram to run smoothly.

Cricket Captain 2018

Cricket Captain 2018 is an updated version of Cricket Captain 2017 with quite a few additions being made to the statistics and records of the players in the game and also including new countries and test-playing nations. If one already has the more enhanced and updated version of the Cricket Captain series and would love to check out the earliest version should feel free to download Cricket Captain 2018.

The game was developed under the administration of Jimmy Anderson and Childish Things (developer & publisher). It has a database for over 6500 players with the improved player generation, and greater accuracy in limited over player abilities. It is a fantastic game of cricket simulation that allows the players with historic match scenarios and contains the new OD championship mode.

The gamers love its user-friendly interface and the new coaching options that allow you to train your player as per the provided options and your needs. It also has an additional feature of player stats that allows you to look at preferred batting position, boundary percentage, maiden overcount, a career strike rate of the legends of the game.


All in all, these are the highly recommended games available for your Mac. We hope this article provided you with all the information required for you to decide to pick your favourite. However, it never hurts to try more than one. Download these games and enjoy experiencing realistic animations of cricketers and enhance your skills as a gamer.