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Mitchell Johnson, is rank #1 in Most handsome/best looking cricketers

Australian left arm fast bowler was tipped as once in a generation bowler by Dennis Lillee at a very early age.

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Stat #Rank
Best test match bowlers, currently. 3
Best bowlers in ODI & T20 cricket. 8
Most handsome/best looking cricketers 1

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Most handsome/best looking cricketers


Mitchell Johnson

Dennis Lillee called him 'once in a generation bowler', cause he himself was a bowler. Had Mike Newell or James Cameron came across 10 year old Mitchell Johnson, we've had another Jonny Depp or Lionardo di Caprio. A killer smile with dimples, an ox like body and a girlfriend called Jessica Bratich to jealous of, this Johnson is easily one of best looking cricketer in the world.