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Top 5 fastest balls in cricket and who bowled it?
Asked by: Arshad on 02-12-2010..
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BinitThe thing to understand on fastest balls in cricket is that we didn't always have speedometer when other tear away fast bowlers like Geoff Thomson of Australia, Allan Donald of South Africa or even Michael Holding and Malcom Marshall of West Indies bowled in their prime. Also, speedometer is known to have defects, that it reflects different readings in different climates (a fast bowler may appear slower in Indian contidition that he will at Aussie or kiwi venues).

Meanwhile, it is widely accepted that Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan bowled the fastest ball in cricket, clocking 161.3 kmph which is almost 100.2 miles per hour. Brett Lee once touched 160.7kmph mark too.
Baba RayeesIt is shoaib Akther with 161.3 fallowed by tiat with 161.1 kmph lee 160.7 bond has also bowled 160kmph
Iqrar Hussainone thing i clear to you that Shaun Tait didn't bowl over than 161 kmph in his carrier his fastest bowl is 160.8
dineshMohammad sami bowled 164kmph to Dravid in a match....its in Youtube also
Abhinay KumarIt is Shoaib Akther of speed 161.3, in world cup 1999. till now, this record is not broken by anyone else. last year Brett lee said that to bowl at the speed of 100 miles was his aim, from then he did not play many matches. 100.2 miles is the fastest ball recorded in the cricket history.
NoushiIt is Zaheer Khan at speed of 170.4kmph (108.6mph) 1st match, Match: ICC Cricket World Cup, Group B. 4th ball.
SaleemThe most ridiculous answer is that of Noushi. Zaheer, to my knowledge hardly bowled any thing above 145kmph, leave aside 170 kmph. I think it is the Great Shoaib Akhtar who crossed 161 kmph or 100 mphr
Aditya Vikramhowever brett lee doesn't bowl as fast as shoib akhtar but his bowling style is more affective on every batsman and he's more smart than shoib akhtar.
ZiaNoushi...??> Are you sure...? Zaheer never bowled ove 148 kmph...
Axel blazeHere is the truth. 5 fastest deliveries bowled by bowlers in international cricket =

Shoaib Akhtar = speed-161.3 kmph/100.2mph, in 2003 world cup against England at Durban.
Brett lee = speed-160.8kmph in 2005 bileteral series against New zealand at Napier.
Shaun Tait = speed-160.7kmph, in 2010t20 bileteral series against Pakistan at Melbourne.
Jeffery Thompson = speed-160.4kmph, in 1975 against West indies at Perth.
Andy Roberts = speed-159.5kmph, in 1975 against Australia at Perth.
Shahid diyaMd Sami in test match against India on 22 March 2005 bowled 161.9kmph delivery, faced by Rahul Dravid.
FarhanMuhammad Sami = speed 162.7 kmph = 100.9mph.
VinuBhaskarIn my opinion the fastest bowler in India is now Umesh Yadav. He has bowled consistantly at speeds ranging from 145kmph to 152kmph during the Trination one day tournament in Australia in 2012 and the only other indian bowler capable of doing this is Varun Aaron and I don't know why he is not included in the indian squad for Australia tour in 2012
NadeemNoushi is right! Its Zaheer Khan's 170.8k/s against Bangladesh. Its on Youtube! :)
Jijowatch the 4th ball of this over Zaheer Khan at his best.
charles rayapatiIn my reconing, the fastest ball recorded must be akhthar's 100.2. next comes lee or shaun who clocked 158+ regularly. zaheer bowl at 170 or sami at 164 is a fluke. you may have love for pacers of your region or choice, but accept the reality. when the greats of colipso or safaris must have clocked better but never recorded. however dale steyn is the best pacer with a great result in the longer and malinga in the shorter and bond over all are the real representatives of fast bowling in the inter national arena.
Mohammad IftikharIt is by shoaib akhter to Nick knight in Worldcup 2003 group match. The ball was 161.3 Kph (100.2 Mph). Brett Lee bowled 161 Kph too in a match in Newzealand. Shaun Tait bowled 100.1 Mph ball to Craig Kieswetter in a match against England in 2010. Now if anyone saying that zaheer bowled 170 Kph ball, then he/she should go to hospital for a check up. It was just a speed machine mistake. We often see these sort of mistakes in cricket. Zaheer never bowled above 150 Kph. A big joke. No one else clocked 160 kph mark till now including sami, andy roberts. Can't say this about Jeff Thompson, i have heard that he bowled a 100 miles ball in 1975 but it is not proved bcoz we don't have speed guns in those old maches.
karthikI totally agree with Mohd.Iftikar.. wat u said is right.. Shoaib 161.3kmph Lee 161kmph Tait 161.1kmph
PuneetThe youtube clips of Zaheer & Sami are there but those are not the correctly measured by the speedometer due to which it is never counted in the fastest balls.... Analyst check the speed with speedometer & with ultra slow motion.....
JamesZaheer Khan??? 170kmh??? maybe in the Lens galaxy yes... watch the Khan and Akhtar clip and you will see Akhtar is way faster
ArunjithCurrently, Mitchel Johnson of Australia is the most fastest without a doubt. He maintains the speed of 145 - 155 kmph regularly.
Neil ColdwellYou're all talking rubbish, with most of you simply naming players that play for your Country. The fastest bowler in the history of Cricket was Jeff Thompson. Simple as that.
CraigAnd u would b...Australian but chance? I reckon Holding was quicker than Thommo! Without speed guns in the earlier matches we will never really know! With possibly 2 from Aussie, 1 from England and SA excluded without speedguns. :-( So Akhtar is the unofficial quickest, u might say.
Iqbal BhattShoaib Akhtar is the worlds fastest bowler till date. 161.3 km/h is the ball that he bowl against New Zeeland in 2003 World Cup.
AgnUnbelievable discussion. Most commentators and former players agree that Jeff Thompson was easily the fastest bowler of all time. Timing of bowlers in his era was done over the full distance of the pitch rather than out of the hand. His release speed was probably in the order of 170180km/hr.
PikoYeah, Agn is right. Thompson's speed was measured in different way. So he should be considered as fastest. But in current method Akhtar was fastest. Zaheer never bowled over 148. That was mistake. His fastest delivery is around 147. Once in IPL match M Morkel clocked 174k/s. That was a mistake too. From India fastest was Javagal Srinath with 154k/s. Next comes Ishant(152) Umesh(152) VarunAaron(150).
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