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List of batsmen with highest number of balls played in test and odi? and also the list of highest number of minutes at the crease..
Asked by: Akshay Jain on 30-03-2011..
Fan Answer
BinitDidn't we discuss Rahul Dravid's balls faced and minutes spent at crease last week? and yes, he's the leader once again. Rahul Dravid holds the record of playing most deliveries and staying at the crease as unbeaten batsman more than any other batsman in history of test cricket. here's a list..

Most balls faced in test cricket
31258 balls faced = Rahul Dravid of India, 164 tests.
29437 balls faced = Sachin Tendulkar of India, 200 tests.
28903 balls faced = Jacques Kallis of S Africa, 166 tests.
27002 balls faced = Allan Border of Australia, 156 tests.
26291 balls faced = Shivnarine Chanderpual of WI, 156 tests.
22959 balls faced = M Jayawardene of Sri Lanka, 149 tests.
22782 balls faced = Ricky Ponting of Australia, 168 tests.
22461 balls faced = Steve Waugh of Australia, 168 tests.
22124 balls faced = K Sangakkara of Sri Lanka, 128 tests.
20709 balls faced = Michael Atherton of England, 115 tests.
20412 balls faced = Geoff Boycott of England, 108 tests.
19753 balls faced = Brian Lara of West Indies, 131 tests.

Most minutes spent at crease in test cricket
44152 mins = Rahul Dravid of India, 36 century, 63 fifty.
41304 mins = Sachin Tendulkar of India, 51 century, 68 fifty.
38400 mins = Jacques Kallis of S Africa, 45 century, 58 fifty.
36218 mins = S Chanderpual of Windies, 29 century, 63 fifty.
35639 mins = Allan Border of Australia, 27 century, 63 fifty.
32145 mins = Ricky Ponting of Australia, 41 century, 62 fifty.
31278 mins = M Jayawardene of Sri Lanka, 34 century, 50 fifty.
31072 mins = K Sangakkara of Sri Lanka, 37 century, 51 fifty.
30297 mins = Steve Waugh of Australia, 32 century, 50 fifty.
27612 mins = Michael Atherton of England, 16 century, 46 fifty.
SumanAll say that sachin is the god of cricket this is the proof that DRAVID is greater than all.
swaroopDravid is greater than Sachin!! he is the world's most techniqual batsman.
AnupDravid is one of the best batsman in the world after Sachin.
VishwaYa I agree.. Dravid has a versatile technique, different batting style. Dravid is awesome batsman.
JairamRahul Dravid, The Selfless Man Who Goes Unnoticed! Mr. Dravid, also known as the wall of Indian batting order, has always gone unnoticed. However, he has made India proud in countless matches and series. The most reliable, most technical & fittest cricketer, followed by Mr. Sanjay Manjrekar & Mr. Mohammad Azharuddin. The Wall is not only one of the best cricketers, but also the mildest human being. There is no doubt that, he must have had done something for fame, money and or for luxurious. Along with excellent cricketer, he is an excellent human being and highly educated. It�s next to impossible to have another such personality. India is blessed to have such child.
abdulRahul Dravid is a dam, not only a wall!
prasanna r gAccording to media, Sachin is great but media dont know Dravid coz he is great. great people never advertise self..
sunnyJust becoz dravid has played most number of deliveries and spend d time on crease doesnt mean he is d greatest! so according to this don bradman is not a legend nd d greatest cricketer ever? The thing that matters r runs nd SACHIN has made them all! nobody can achieve his feat! more imp. he makes them quickly even in test cricket with a breathtaking average on consistent basis. Indians r blessed to hav a cricketer like sachin who is a true gentlemen,humble nd a down to earth person.Even dravid thanks sachin that he takes all the attention from media nd meanwhile people like me(dravid) can do there business quietly. nd finally if he wasnt great then he wont hav made those no. of centuries nd runs, nd never would hav played for 22 years nd still counting..
sunnyAlso playing with the burden of 120 crore people's aspirations is not easy, but SACHIN has been doing this in style!
ChitreshDravid is the greatest batsman of all times.Though Sachin has made most no of runs & centuries,but he never score centuries whenever required.On the contrary Dravid score runs whenever there is need for team & country.He is a player who can play well under pressure & at any position,in any innings,at any part of the world.But sachin never plays well under pressure.Im not sying Sachin is not a great batsman.Yes he is very humble, gentleman & he has lot of talent, technique, skills. He is a great batsman. But Dravid is the greatest.
RohitIt's too bad to compare both of them.. they both are great legends and will always be.
VivekDear All, Test match is the game of temperament not avg and all. Some times teams fight only to survive on the crease and spend time. For India Dravid has contributed most of both.
prashant gujarAt the end of the day, Rahul himself should be satisfied with his performance and he is that is why he never cares about the media and all fame. Go Dravid go..
AbhiRahul and sachin trust in skill and it is the only thing made them so experienced and serve the country for such a long glorius period
NeerajBoth are great players and according to me no need to compare them...
naughtyshakilBoth the players are great but staying at crease is associated with Dravid only.
IshavaliDravid, the wall, is one man with cricket as his passion. He's only one cricketer who played has cricket at all the positions, as batsman, bowler, kepeer, vice captain & captain.
Umesh Sachin is uncompairable to DRAVID.
DeepakRahul Dravid is the best choice when it comes to technique. Sachin is the best choice when it comes to complete cricketer.
vivekI agree with each and everyone but plz stop complaining against Sachin's temprament. remember the test match against Pakistan when Sachin was batting at 194* and suddenly Dravid (captain at that time) declared innings. Nothing would have changed in the game had he given just one more over to Sachin but no, he didn't do that. Now what do we call this - team spirit? I know Dravid's technique is the best in world but stop comparing him with Sachin who has done so much throughout his career. plzzzzz...
genwhat about the average?? sachin: 56, Dravid: 53.
saranDravid helps India in many situations than sachin in test , standing in the field is more important than scoring runs in test. dravid does that well . I think he must be the god of test cricket .
rajDravid has got techniques but he is not as good as sachin.
SivaDid the so called GOD was ever able to play 99 test matches continously??? But The Wall did...
Prasad DBoth are equally important to team india Its quite unfair to compare them and I personally think its hard for us to find out other option for team after their retirement. Both have contributed towards win, countless times. Its we the fans n followers fighting for their greatness. They are standing still and tall. God bless them. After getting retired from cricket (both) I think I will stop watching game of cricket.
shivanandaDravid n Sachin should not be compared.. You can't compare between GODS.. it just depends whom you pray..
RajMOST OF THE ABOVE ARE IDIOTS....(except sunny and few others). Do you guys even understand stats??? He spent more time and played more balls than everyone because he takes time to get in and thats his style of play. U say that he is all time great based on no of balls played...this is pathetic. Cricket is all about making runs and producing wins..Sunil gavaskar played 60 overs and scored 36 notout in a match, Does that mean that it is his all time greatest record?? think before you type anything. I have huge respect for dravid and i don't want to take away anything which he did for India.
Adarsh Both are great batsmen. When Sachin has made most runs, Dravid has faced most balls. In test cricket not only making runs is enough, many times u have to spend times in wicket in which wall is specially good.
SANTHOSH The best example is last England tour 2011 .. who told sachin is great ...? Dravid Anna rockzzzzzz
AnirudhBack to the list people!!! One name not there is a certain Sunil Manohar Gavaskar... Now I have grown seeing the likes of Sachin and Rahul but don't tell me that our original little master's strike rate in test cricket was over than/equal to 52.88!!! (Considering he played one ball less than M Jayawardene and scored 10122) Also @Raj: Gavaskar did not play the whole 60 overs - just carried his bat through the innings... I'm not a Gavaskar fan (except when he was against the WI of '70s & '80s).
manishno body can be compared wid sachin...he is far above all d cricketers of past,present and even future..he is d best in all d forms;test,one day and 20-20...
Brad hassI think jacues kallis by far the best player and I'm australian, not sth african. His avg is 57 slightly ahead of sachin, he has the 2nd most centuries. But what sets him apart is he is also more than a handy bowler 270+ wickets at just over 30. Ricky ponting was right up there 2003-2007 but has dropped off. As far as just batting goes no one comes close to the don avg 99.94 6996 runs in just 52 tests.
RoyNeither Dravid not Sachin; Whenever there is a discussion on the all time greatest, South African idol Mr. J. Kalis should be considered as the all time greatest player of world cricket. And one more important thing, which I want to mention here, that is, if Sachin was a player of Australia or South Africa or even England, never ever he could make all these records, because at that point of time he has to say good bye to the cricket much more earlier. Sachin should remain greatful to the Indian selectors, who provide him lots & lots of chances despite of his continuous poor form and still now this tradition is going on. He is a class player, so it is fact, that, Sachin just utilize these oppurtunities, provided to him unethically.

As per world cricket is concern, No.1 must be South African genius J. Kalis, No.2 should be the all time greatest Indian batsman R. Dravid, then there might be a place for Mr. Tendulkar. Greatest players always have the major contribution in rescue their team from the jaw of certain defeat. But my humble question is apart from a very few matches, how many matches India win completely depending on Mr. Tendulkar????? So Sachin is such kind of product, which is a 1:1 mixture of media hipe and his own class. So lets accept this truth, that, if Sachin would not be an Indian player, then, he was resting at his own home before more than couple of years from now.
Ashish bishtI think sachin is better then kallis because at 147th match of sachin his avg was 57.8 which is higher than kallis as he played equal number of matches.About bowling kallis takes 270+wickets in 147 test match in which he bowls 280 innings which means less then 1 wicket in each innings not a great bowling performance.About sachin bowling whenever captain give bowl to sachin always take 1 wicket or more in that perticular innings.So,sachin is the best player in the world.
rajkHi Ashish bisht, batting average is 56.78. And bowling average is 32.45 with economy of 2.84 with 276 wickets and you are saying that it is not a great bowling performance. If a greatest bowler like kapil can pick only 2 wickets in match then it is not fair on a batsmen whose average is above 55 to be asked to get the same. And regarding Rahul Dravid, he has given more opportunities to other batsmen like viru, sachin, vvs and many others. if he gets out playing a loose shot, then the so called greats would have been under pressure to consolidate which rarely happened to them. It is always dravid who is there to consolidate and save the other batsmen wicket like a night watchmen but for a whole day.. Atleast thank him.. Now w/o dravid Team India will suffer a bit for sure after getting so low in England and Australia.
BijuI heard someone speaking of the match against pakistan where sachin couldn't score a double ton having the innings declared by the captain DRAVID...Recently in a discussion among stalwarts of cricket, this topic was spoken about. He dint declare because he wanted to avoid sachin from scoring a double ton..!!!...Mr vivek u speak of team spirit....a team plays with spirit, but in the first place, they play to win the match...ever since sachin got into the 180's he wasted a hell lot of time...for hw long do u expect a captain to wait for his double ton..?...till the end of the 5th day..???....rubbish....
AnilTest matches are something that both the team need to play complete 5 days. Players like dravid are like gem in a jewel for this format. It doesnt matter how much you score, even if you dont score you can draw the match in a Test match.
Gaurav All the player MS Dhoni, Anil Kumble , Sourav, Zaheer and many more had come in Rahul Dravid's farewell except Sachin. Sachin was absent bcoz he was taking dinner with Ambani, So you can think of it..
GovindDravid is the Wall the real wall. Tendulkar rarely performed in vital matches (Final or any other matches where winning is must). Tendulkar was a very selfish player. Whenever he reached 80+, he started playing very slowing to get his century. He is was a good player but Dravid was the best!
Rohit thakurThere are two types of players in the world. 1.sachin tendulkar and 2 .all other player.....nobody is greater than the god....
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