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Virat Kohli is it true that u have a girl friend and her name is sanjana..?? hope yeh jhut ho..
Asked by: surbhi mahendru on 27-03-2011..
Fan Answer
BinitOkay, so you're another case of someone falling for a cricketer by just watching him on TV. Grow up. Virat Kohli is Indian cricketer and he's can change girlfriends everyday, if not every hour. Don't make a fool out of yourself.
Shilpa kambleI do agree with you binit that its just watching on tv you cannot fall in love.But Virat is really cool guy.He is best
Raka Daswhy not? he's a normal parson like us. He can find a good mach 4 him. Sanjana is also good,so it can b happen. And cool and famous. But now he should make huge runs and look to his future.
Zaria buttdont want to say anything on this matter. i just want to say that i luv virat kholi
swapnaIts really good tht u sencerely just concentrate on ur career.then gals will automatically comes for u.all the best for ur career
mahimai do agree with zaria but mean i just want to say i luv him
Roopesh kumarMore success more relatives..!!
subashree ashwinikohli is nice player.but i don't have any love on him.bcoz he have achieve more this just the start.
subashree ashwiniI AGREE WITH BINIT
SHALINI RATHOREIt's true that he can change girlfriends everyday but i also do agree with RAKA but mean I LOVE U VIRAT
JanviI agree with Swapna. concentrate on ur future & ur mom. I think its very important instead of another thing..
SoneyI agree wid u all...he should focus on his future ....may god give him success in every step of his still lov u
sonalVirat is an awesome player. and of course he can change girlfriends everyday. but I love him anyway..
KavitaYa I too agree with u all. he should concentrate on his future and also he can change his girlfriend everyday but still I LOVE YOU Virat. u are an awesome guy....
archana gautamvirat u should concentrate in ur future but i luv u a lottttt more than anyone . i cant get u in this life but m sure that i will b getting u in the next life !!! my wishes r always with u . my luv
anushasanjana is a film star, so she will be sleeping around. virat is no saint anyway. so a good match!
ShatakshiMan...i hope its not true at all...i lv u alot man..n ya concentrate on ur game...
soumyalet me answer all your question in my own way. i agree with binit but i hope what shatakshi had may not be the truth . cos i luvvvvvv u a lot
truptii hope its not true. i love u so much.
savitaI agree all of my dear friends. Best of luck for ur bright future Virat Kolhi ji. I like u very much...
AnnaI love kohli
snehahe will only change girlfriends if he doesn't like them..... but if he really falls in love with a girl he won't change that girl no matter what happens.... so according to the fact that he is a human being there is a chance of him to fall in love with a girl.. it's his choice of what he wants.
shreyai totally agree with sneha.... and i hope he falls in love with me... (sry if i became selfish....hehe)
shilnaI too agree with's his choice whether he wants a girl or not .... and for a better information i say there is no one (whom i know) who never fell in love.... :D
AnjaliIf anyone have a gf then there's nothing to worry......... But he should keep an eye to his future i.e cricket. He is kings of 4s. He is cool, dashing and what not........... also my love 2012.... i will be loving him till my death.
NishtaVirat u r just awsm... ur India's next Dhoni.. i just hope best 4 u.. Luv u..& wud alwayz do..!
SrurtiVirat is cool player & is future captain of India.My brothers kids name is virat.........kept on behalf of u.sarah is better than sanjana.u always rocks..........
anukritivirat, u r d best... best of luck for ur career... i m a fan of u and most importantly i love u..
RoshniVirat Sarah suits u better if ur seein Sanjana than u hav a very bad taste so pls open ur eyes there are many beautiful girls in this world u wil find one so don go after this ladies they are not worth it n ol d best
NickKohli is in love with Bollywood actress Anuskha Sharma. and since this girl came into Virat's life, his career has been falling, falling and falling..
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