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Best wicket keeper in world, ever.
Asked by: parthiban on 12-11-2010..
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parthiAdam Gilchrist.
balajione and only ADAM GILCHRIST
BinitBest wicket keeper currently is a whole different list but if you're talking EVER, I think the topic should be best wicket keeper + batsman, and then, I would agree with Adam Gilchrist. Aussie legend's records speak for itself and he had most scalps behind the wicket the day he retired. here are few lists :-

Most runs as keeper in Tests
Adam Gilchrist (Australia) = 5570 runs, 96 tests, 17 century.
Mark Boucher (South Africa) = 5171 runs, 135 tests, 5 century.
Alec Stewart (England) = 4540 runs, 82 tests, 6 century.
Andy Flower (Zimbabwe) = 4404 runs, 55 tests, 12 century.

Most runs as keeper in One day
Adam Gilchrist (Australia) = 9410 runs, 282 ODI, 16 century.
Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) = 7711+ runs, 235 ODI, 8 century.
Andy Flower (Zimbabwe) = 5845 runs, 186 ODI, 4 century.
MS Dhoni (India) = 5733+ runs, 172 ODI, 7 century.
Mark Boucher (South Africa) = 4658 runs, 291 ODI, 1 century.

Andy Flower of yesteryear may have broke all sorts of record and people would have remembered him more than they do had he played for some other country than Zimbabwe which never had a settled test & ODI team. He was a safe keeper and a multi dimentional left handed batsman. Kumar Sangakkara, current Sri Lankan captain, isn't bad either and if he can continue the way he's going, he'll surely challenge Adam Gilchrist's achievements in a decade. India's MS Dhoni, New Zealand's Brendon McCullum and English Alec Stewart of few of my favorite wicket keeper batsmen.

Most dismissals by a keeper in tests
Mark Boucher (South Africa) = 504 (482ct, 22st), 135 tests.
Adam Gilchrist (Australia) = 416 (379ct, 37st), 96 tests.
Ian Healy (Australia) = 395 (366ct, 29st), 119 tests.
Rodney Marsh (Australia) = 355 (343ct, 12st), 96 tests.
Jeff Dujon (West Indies) = 270 (265ct, 5st), 81 tests.

Most dismissals by a keeper in one day
Adam Gilchrist (Australia) = 472 (417ct, 55st), 287 ODI.
Mark Boucher (South Africa) = 421 (399ct, 22st), 292 ODI.
Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) = 325+ (255ct, 70st), 279 ODI.
Moin Khan (Pakistan) = 287 (214ct, 73st), 219 ODI.
Ian Healy (Australia) = 233 (194ct, 39st), 168 ODI.
MS Dhoni (India) = 225+ (170ct, 55st), 172 ODI.

BUT, wicket keeper's prime job is safe glovework and for that, we'll have to give it to Mark Boucher of South Africa who holds the record of most victims in both major format of top level cricket. Ian Healy of Australia was long considered as safe behind the wicket as house, so were Allan Knott of England and Rodney Marsh of Australia and Jeffery Dujon of West Indies.
deepanadam gilchrist ever
ZoeDon't forget Boucher. most catches ever.
sarojhere if you consider wickets per match then again adam gilchrist is ahead. as a batsman he is way ahead of other wicket keeper batsmen too.
zubairMoin khan.
shivaMS Dhoni holds all those records for coming WC matches and he places the top of them !!!
YashAdam Gilchrist:- Best Wickt keeper
harshAdam Gilchrist:- Best Wickt keeper
AD RanaBest keeper ever is Kumar Sangakkara
MeetAdam Gilchrist
jaisimone and only gilchrist ever
ytNO Mark Boucher is the great
harmish soniThe following wicket keepers is the best- 1 ADAM GILCHRIST 2 MARK BOUCHER 3 IAN HEALLY 4 MS DHONI 5 KUMAR SANGAKKARA
johnsonGilly(Adam Gilchrist) is the no 1 best wicket keeper, always..
NIDIN VIJAYAN BAHRAINadam gilchrist is BETTER than any one!!!!GILLY FOREVER!!
diptomoyno............its one n only MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI!!!
deveshgilli is the best
anish patelMS dhoni
mohd asifi think nobody is like adam gilchrist i m also a wicket keeper but i get inspiration from adam gilchrist. i wish that one day i will also become wicket keeper like adam gilchrist
jonthere is none to compare with gliiy always gilchrsit is the oly legendary wicket keeper ms dhoni is a very small boy wen compared to gilly
UdayrajCurrently, MS Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in the world and also the best captain and batsman.
SreemanthOne and only mahendra singh dhoni no other wk than dhoni
madia khanSANGA is the best. Mahi is good.
Somnath AdhiakriGILLY.... is the best wicket keeper in world but MAHI...... is team india susscesfully wicket keeper & captaincy.
tahir nadeemGilchrist and Sangakarra are the best wicket keeper in world.
hakkimmalikone and only the best hard hitter "GILCHRIST"is the best wicket keeper for ever."GILLI"rocks.
RVSMS Dhoni is nit even eligible to be compared with Gilly in wicket keeping.....GILLY ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ.
sayeed adam gilchrist no.1 wicket keeper
arjuneGilly is the best wk batsman forever and its a fact which can never be rewritten.
ShailenGilly is the best!
AnoopM.S.Dhoni is the one and only best wicket keeper that india had ever seen.
Ashish godaraone and only Adam gilchrist
shiva palagummiYears goes by, new generation come and go,all time great records may be changed but the only stylish, handsome and hard-hitting batsman forever in the world is "ADAM GILCHRIST"---No one cannot reach him.
Sarvesh SinghMahi is the best wicket keeper......
KathirAdam gilchrist
kalyaniAdam Gilchrist.
SARA N GMS Dhoni is the best wicket keeper batsman in the world now.
N MADIHASANGAKKARA is also among the best in the world.
Shahbaz ahmadSangakara is the best wicket keeper in the world After Moin khan.
VinodhAdam gilchrist is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Sangakara never keeps in Tests. MSD cant play fast bowling with the same ease as Gilly. Style, grace and quality - Gilchrist. Averages dont often reflect the quality of a player. If Gilly has the same % of notouts, his average would have been much higher.
mark mcfarlandDepends on your age - Knotty for the reflexes, Healy for the Bowled Warne Caught Healy, Ridley Jacobs for sheer entertainment & Jeff Dujon for being able to see the ball.
DineshLittle Kalu (Romesh Kaluwitharana)
himanshuDhoni is Worlds best wicket keeper.
AnsumanEven if other keepers break Gilchrist's records( which are currently the highest, still then he'll remain the best keeper due to his sportsmanship.Gilly is the best batsman and the most incredible wicketkeeper
Varshano one dares to beat Gilli's records. churchy you were, you are and you will remain as the best wicketkeeper. i love u
manshGilly ever and forever, and then Boucher.
Devesh mishraMS dhoni is the best.
imran ali khanadam gilchrist and MS Dhoni world top wicket keepers.
samAdam Gilchrist (CHURCHY)
tarumAdam Gilchrist & Mark Boucher.
JohnAlec Stewart
MayurAdam Gilchrist and Brendon McCullum
DondeenuKumar Sangakkara
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